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Added 2012 Septembre 23rd

From Frank Charles BROWN ( Tasmania ) : hitching and others knots on a walking stick


Added 2012 Septembre 23rd
De Michel SINCE : un tutoriel pour un des premier collier qu'il a réalisé à ses débuts
From Michel SINCE : a tutorial about one of the first necklace he made when beginning in
La photo


Added 2012 Septembre 10th

From John RICHINGS : how to occupy what would be iddle hands ( ;-D)  ) and intelligently
put odd  lengths of cord -remaining from other projects- to good use rather than junk them.



Added 2012Septembre 9th

From Michel  SINCE : nouvelles créations inventives : décoration pour une clé de boite
aux lettres etun collier pour Mme SINCE
New inventive creation from Michel : a decoration fro a letters box key and a necklace
for Mrs SINCE

poignée de clé de boite à lettres / letters box key handle


Added 2012 Septembre 6th

From  Stefanos FANIDIS : two bracelet with patterns of his own creation built using
software ARIANE
-- coloured hemp : picture
-- ATWOOD cord : picture


Added 2012 August 16th

From John RICHINGS : a 2160 FACE or 2160 CROSSING ( it is == as the coding is
O1-U1 ) cover for a MUGWUMP's egg

On the cylinder

[open quote]
A Mugwump is a bird that lays very large eggs and is seen sitting on fences with its mug on
one side and its wump on the other !
[end quote]

John create this grid of his invention using ARIANE and for those having this software the
parameters are

Spacing = 33
Offset= 1
and it is an ASYMETRIC nested-bight cylindrical knot so
3 Bight-Nest and 16 Bight per Nest
4 Bight-Nest 12 Bight per Nest


Added 2012 August 14th

From Michel SINCE :  a cover for a parallelepiped made with ARIANE ( 4 bight-nest  
4 bight per nest   spacing = 40 Offset = 2 ) . Helical pattern.


Added 2012 July 23rd

From Stefanos FANIDIS :  a nested-bight bracelent ( 3 THK components with EVEN
number of LEAD so NOT a Standard Herringbone Pineapple Cylindrical knot )
Grid made with software ARIANE


Added 2012 July 22nd

From Stefanos FANIDIS : a black and white standard Herringbone-Pineapple 2-PASS
Grid made using software ARIANE


Added 2012 July 14th

From Stefanos FANIDIS : after a Tom HALL ( alias of HICKEY ) 's grid here is a BELL
Stefanos added "  Mine is the 21 P   18 B body with 5 P   4 B version "


Added 2012 June 21rst

From Stefanos FANIDIS : a new bracelet made on the cordage route of a Standard
Herringbone-PineApple Cylindrical Knot *but* using another coding than the Herringbone

As you will immediately see ( ROTFLOL ! ) this is made on
a Standard Herringbone-PineApple Cylindrical Knot *but* using an other coding than the
one yielding a Herringbone pattern

Almost as immediately you will have realised that it is a 2-PASS  TYPE I ( TYPE ONE )
SHPK cordage route.

Given the high pile of stupidities about the TYPE I see EVERYWHERE you will do well
to refresh your learning of those knots by studying :  about TYPE  and  (2nd topic) about
Please while studying those pages keep in mind that Shaake use the HORIZONTAL
MANDREL frame of reference ( as RKnot Builder does ) but that ARIANE use the
VERTICAL CYLINDER frame of reference this change HOW the route of the Half-Period
are SEEN ! )

Bracelet first picture  and second picture
Bracelet analysed
.ARI file to make it ( diagram and Toable of Half-Periods Code using your copy of
ARIANE ( see  ARIANE user manual and its Author page


Added 2012 June 12th

From Michel SINCE : un recouvrement sphérique de 504 croisements et 408 FACES

La grille parAriane / Knot diagram by ARIANE

Le fichier .ARI pour ceux qui ont ARIANE / the .ARI file for those having a registered
copy of ARIANE

[début de citation]
Recouvrement sphérique 408 faces à chevrons sur les tropiques (504 croisements)
Sur une boulle de billard Français 
Support technique Ariane de Claude Hochet
drisse Ø 1,5mm 2 passages noirs et 1 vert
[fin de citation]

core : French billiard ball
cord :  Ø 1,5mm  2 black PLY and one green PLY


Added 2012 June 12th

From Stefanos FANIDIS :
THREE bracelets, each one with its distinctive pattern:

- The blue and white, Greece's colours !

- The yellow one derived by Stefanos himself from the GINFER KNOT that you can see

- The white and purple with a "Pompei pattern" inspired by a knot by Ron EDWARDS
and redrawn entirely with ARIANE by  John RICHINGS and Charles HAMEL


Added 2012 May 22nd

From Stefanos FANIDIS : a 21 L 12 B   3-PASS  HANSEN Knot Type 1 as shown
in my How-to-make page



Added 2012  May 21rst

3136 CROSSINGS in O1-U1 pattern hence it is a 3136 FACES.
Designed with ARIANE : here is the PDF

picture one                                picture two

Core is a polystyrene ball 15 centimetre in diameter, cordage is 2 mm and there is about
40 metre of it on the core.


Added 2012 May 10th

From Joseph ( Joe) BENNETT
already seen in Friends-page_13 this frame, quite
intimidating with the high quality of craftmanship demanded by such work.

looks a lot better than my less than perfect photography might suggest
well well well I would not have said "less than perfect"

THE frame in a 3 pictures slideshow

[open quote]
             Here is a frame I finished recently. It measures approximately 3'x2'.
The print is 'At the Helm' by Danny Hahlbohm'.
In looking for part of the knotwork to reflect the religious/nautical aspect of the print, I chose
the Cross of Lorraine amalgamated with Skip Pennock's anchor.
These flat knots are 3-cycle.
The frame looks a lot better than my less than perfect photography might suggest!!!
Best regards,
Joe Bennett.
[end quote]


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