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Hello! Every one with whom I am exchanging mails and those with whom I have not yet.

Will you accept to contribute to this page,  

Either with writings ( feature on a specific topic, tutorials,...) drawings, photographies,
...anything you are read to lend to this page. 

On a simple asking your contribution will be removed, you keep full ownership.

Just  lend some of your writings, or ideas, or inventions, or the pictures of the knotting you are the most
proud of....( My email can stand  heavy files so ....)



- - - FCB aka Bowline or the Tasmanian Tiger 

Frank Charles Brown in full ( not fool mind you!) gear.


- - -This bell rope is actually in service at sea on France last trois mâts barque : BELEM

My friend Jean-Louis ROBIC ( Igkt member - FRANCE ) a breton immigrated to Marseille
in the South of France (Mediterranean seaport)  made it for the big bell that was missing 

Marseille is an harbour of very, very old standing : Massilia.
Boasting (they are quite apt to do a bit of that,' les Marseillais ' are) to be the oldest town in France. 
A -600 BC Greek creation.
They were of the Phocean tribe (  it is in today Turquia : Foça )  and Marseille is still said to be 
"la citée phocéenne", the phocean city.

Thank you Jean-Louis for giving permission and sending pictures.
- Jean-Louis work.
-Link to BELEM ( alas in French ! pictures are international though)
    * official
    * personal 1
    * personal 2
    * personal 3
    * personal 4



This mail from Jimbo :

[open quote]
You may recall, I was thrashing about looking for help building a THK hatband with 4 or 5 L and a large number of B... Plaiting a 3L, 39B THK wasn't hard at all, but I wanted a different look, and plaiting 4L or 5L was beyond my skill.  You stepped in and sent me instructions which made it very easy to understand the concept.  Thank you for that, but I had a hard time finding a mandrel into which to stick  all those pins.  I thought long & hard about the problem, & finally came up with an answer. I took one of  those plastic plant pots from the local nursery (after planting the bush that was in it & scrubbing it within  an inch of its life), cut a band of agreeable width from it, then marked off lines every 3/4" or so (to get
enough bights) all the way 'round.
Then I took my cutters & nipped little cut-lets on each side of each end of every line.
This made little tabs ("tab-lets"??) which served to secure the bights as pins would have.
After I got the whole mess laid up, with the "GozOvers" and "GozUnders" double-checked, I just gently bent the tabs  to free the cordage & started fitting & doubling! It took a whole couple of hours from lightbulb to hats on!
 Yipeee !
Fitting and fairing it took longer than tying it, just the way I like it!  And tying more of these long TH knots is fast and easy, from now on. If you meet anyone who wants a safe (pin-free) way to form up a THK band, this worked better than I could have hoped!
Going back to your instructions, to make a 5L version, I noticed the need for offset pins to make that layout "work".  Working out the offset into the mandrel I first made would leave not enough Bights, so I cut a second one, with offset "tab-lets" for 5L.  Someone with some real skills might figure out a way to make one template for all...
If you wanted to use thicker cord, cut a wider band & longer tabs. I'm sending you pix to see it in action.
Not to brag, but it seemed like a good idea at the time, and, by golly, it worked better than I'd hoped! 
Thank you for your help!  I literally would never have reached this point without them.  Feel free to use these pictures as your heart wishes.
After living with this for a few knots, I'm grateful to have your instructions, lucky to have found the "right" mandrels for me, and probably not willing to advocate that a "casual knotter" ( if you ever meet one) go through the trouble required to make this, unless they really want to.  It's a lot like work, just cutting the plastic.  It's more the kind of thing a Scout Troop or daycare facility ( assuming the wee ones are "allowed" to play with cordage) might like; or as a production template. I sure do like my hatbands, though!  THANK YOU!!! [end quote]

First added photography  -  second one

Do not know why Jimbo feels that I helped in any way : idea is his own.
Believe me he does not need any one to help him think!

NO Jimbo this not boasting this is sharing !
Many thanks for the contribution.



This manner of knotting the constrictor was given 'over the phone' ( !) by Roy Chapman, one of the past Igkt-PAB president, to Jimbo who shot this sequence of photographies to show how to make it  with one hand only.



This another manner of knotting the constrictor . Thanks Jimbo


A NEWLY DISCOVERED SPLICE  :  "Murrell's Inlet Pile Splice"
Added 2007 Oct 7th  from JIMBO THE KINKY

A really whole new way of making a splice that nails all the others.
Just keep in mind that it is from JIMBO THE KINKY ;-o)

Here  is how to make one in Jimbo's own words :

[open quote]
I gathered some knot pictures and found a new knot!!
Okay, it's actually a "splice".  Or maybe a "bend"...  I'm calling it the Murrell's Inlet Pile Splice. 
It's so easy to teach, I'm sure we're all going to stop using any other bend forever more.
The picture, attached, is worth a thousand words in any language.  However, just to be thorough, here's
how you put in a Murrell's Inlet Pile Splice:
1: hold one end against the pile (piling, post, tree, vertical piece of wood)
2: nail it in place
3: repeat with the other end.
Carve your name in the top of the piling to show off your handiwork!

Welcome to my world!  :^/
[end quote]



This is unashamedly stolen, err ... borrowed,  from Igkt-PAB member Clint FUNK.

His idea is absolutely superb in intelligence.

In fact appeared in Knot News #58  a photo of the real one made by Clint but I thought that if you want to use this idea you will have to do some work yourself and chose the knots to be exhibited.

So simple an idea - after seeing done !-   I wish I had it first ;-)

Outstandingly efficient this multi sided approach is for a public presentation ( four sides
berthing for those wanting 'to drop anchor' and chat ) .

Marvelous manner to help people chatting by offering what is literally a "common-ground'
or rather common board.

All sides can discuss a particular knot since they have an identical outlay of them so they do
not having to bother about frame of reference as it is in-built for them.

Outstanding idea.
I will probably steal it... Deed is done!



Added 2008 Septembre 19th :
2 pictures of Le BELEM
Coming from Benoit's brother : wonderful frames from America

Added 2008 June 27th :
Better get it "from the horse's mouth"
and see Atribord own pages  at

Picasa slideshow of Atribord inspiring work

 Other work by  Benoit

Two key-fob tutorials
Tutorial N°1
Tutorial N° 2

Another contribution by the same : Knots boards ( 1954 by Gautier) in the Direction du Port de Cherbourg
-très grand format
-1024 pixels

Tutorial N°3
Knots board and marlinespike
Manuel du Manoeuvrier

2007 Sept 2nd : Atribord is now stationed in Newfoundland / Terre-Neuve
and he send me some pictures taken while" my too short visit to Halifax
Maritime Museum."
 Here are his photographies
Atribord sent 16 pictures more


ALCOSINUS & NONO  (Alain  Legeay et Norbert Trupiano )
Alco.....sinus        Norbert
Here all (except one) the spherical covering were made by Nono.
Alcosinus sent the pictures for us and made the exception.



English reading people should go directly  there to find Vince's page of tutorials.
Those not going there will miss something of value!


Editor Knot News ) gift to me : BELL ROPE
Added 2007 Oct 20th

Some time ago  not long) I asked Joe if he would be kind enough to sent me some photographies of his work for this page.

Well no photography BUT the work in person :
 a magnificent bell rope that is now in my glass showcase ( that is where I put my little treasures ).
With the rope was a letter explaining the story behind the work.

Thank you from the "bottom of my heart" as they say in French for this very friendly gesture.

Next trip to Brittany I will have to steal, borrow, buy a bell  ( for my balcony ?)
Will probably put it near my kitchen door. ( Frenches have joke : "how many rope can you find on an old sail ship ?
Correct answer is "only one, on the cook's bell ; all the rest have special names")


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