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Added  2010 Dec 9th

The record breaking 408 faces spherical covering made on a grid he invented


Added  2010 Nov 7th
Frank Charles BROWN  (homonym with Barry):   

A new figurine of a bucking horse: very well 'captured'


Added  2010 Nov 5th
Jan VOS : PYRAMIDAL cover knot

Photo 1                            Photo 2

(grids and explanations in a tutorial - look at Contents to find its location )


Added  2010 Nov 5th
That one is a Snake Whip about 6 feet long.

Photo 1                             Photo 2

[open quote]
Just finished this one tonight and said I would post a pic when done. Fist one tied in a long,
long time. Now I remember why I don't do them very often now. Time consuming and hard
on the hands with the 12 strands. The next one is always better. Have two more ready for
the final overlay and still don't have my Paracord yet.

....... I will be in touch.
[end quote]

[open quote]
Paracord Whip

I think the core started out with a piece of 1/8 inch nylon starter cord with a flat nylon
braided cord of four strands for the first overlay.

The second overlay is made of 440 paracord, with center removed, using 8 strand U2-O2

Third and final overlay is also 440 paracord with the center removed.

Started out with 12 strand U1-O1 braid for about 6 or 7 inches and then changed to
a U3-O3 chevron braid for the remainder, dropping from 12-10, 10-8, 8-6, and finishing
with 4 strand for the final 10 or 12 inches.

The fall is 440 paracord pulled into itself for an 18 inches piece with a loop at the end and
the cracker is made from the 7 inside cores of 550 paracord.
[end quote]


Added  2010 Nov 5th
Barry BROWN :    Bracelet made after Nono's grid
Barry is the second guy, after Nono the inventor of the single-strand trick for this knot, to
have been able to do it and with a minimum of tipping about it.

 Another  grid by Nono that inspired Barry .
 A 360 faces spherical cover.
Barry is the sixth person having done it with at twist (the core used ) that you will learn
about on Barry own site
Do not visit this page only, there are marvels in each of the page over there.

Added 2010 Nov 17th (received 15th)

Barry is the only guy I know having made two of these 360 faces covering in  less than two
weeks !

I used 1.5 -1.6mm Polyester cord with the core stripped out, I get a very smooth finish
without the core.
The cord tends to loose its colour as you work it; so it looks a little variegated. again I used
a Beoding Iron Ball for the core so the finished diameter is about 50mm. I put it on my web
site with the first one.

Here is this second 360 faces spherical covering


Added  2010 Oct 23rd
Jan VOS (from The Netherlands, IGKT member, Friend of Claude HOCHET of RKnot
Builder fame. Jan VOS is the translator for the Dutch and German language in that RKnot

A magnificent addition : a spherical cover with a hole.

The slideshow is to make you take patience ! ;-)

you will find the remainder in VOS_TUTS oage

Added  2010 Dec 17th
Jan VOS is sending us his Season's Greetings handsomely using his spherical covering
with hole to frame a photo of  the VOS couple

To that he added some documents that you will now find in VOS_TUTS page
The grid
Table of crossings
original document

Added  2010 Dec 9th

Do not miss seeing the work there.

Added  2010 Nov 7th
Barry BROWN :   
Here is what I personally consider to be an absolute splendor.

IMO any " dog with an hairdo" can do a Herringbone-Pineapple if knowing how to make 
a Turk's Head K and having a book.
It is no great feat and I have only a huge tolerant smile to offer to those supposed knots
experts who believe the epitome of a difficult knot is a Pineapple.

EXCEPT that making a Herringbone-Pineapple without  a table of the coding of each
Half-Period, 'off the cuff' so to speak  AND IN A SINGLE COLOUR is really a
"touching stone" akin for a watercolourist to painting a landscape lying under heavy snow

Not only one need to really know one's way around such knots to make it in such manner
but adding to that neatness and cleanliness in the fashion and over that keeping the work
immaculately pure is just another Herculean task.

This photography was sent to me in the course of a friendly mail exchange and not to be
shown but this one is something to see and be inspired by.


Added  2010 Sept 19th
Frank Charles BROWN

A trio of the latest creations of FCB aka Bowline from Tasmania

                Sport Figurines

A photo of Frank ( on the left side ) and me shot by Lynn Brown on 2010 June 12th
While they where visiting (again) France we went visiting this old medieval town ( Unesco
Catalogue ) near PARIS.
A very happy memory all around.
Thanks Lynn for sending that.  
This one is of Lynn and me shot surreptiously by Frank in the restaurant.


Added 2010 September 9th

Philippe MICHEL

A new comer with a 360 panels (facets) spherical cover following Nono and Alcosinus's

For his particular one ( 3S 3mm Z-laid cordage 10cm Styrofoam ball ) with a lot of dressing
and tightening he enlisted the help of Madame MICHEL's  deft hands.

Guy is smart : dressing is the hardest part and the part where either you succeed or utterly

Mind you the 360
panels spherical cover is not for the faint hearted and it demands fingers
 and sinews of steel in both hands !

Do you happen to know " le petit bonhomme en mousse " ? the little foam man ? A relatively
famous cabaret number here in France.

Well Philippe MICHEL did " little man in knots.  Another picture.

PS : Philippe was a professional firefighter,retired 2 years ago- 4 bars on the shoulder straps
 - What we call here 'les soldats du feu' (Fire's Soldiers)

Our firemen are S .P. twice  =   Sapeur-Pompier
and their motto Sauver où Périr - Save or Perish.

Not for the faint hearted either to be a fireman and that all over the world  in the same
intimidating league, intimidating by their dedication, of helpers are the benevolent guys of
Le Secours en Mer or Le Sauvetage en Mer : Help at Sea, both corps know their knots
and cordages;-)  )

Added 2010 September 26th<>

Spherical coverings : a series

"little men in rope" : close-up


Added  2010 July 13th

A custom work on a 1911 Steamer Automobile steering wheel and on a strap from a Pierce
 Arrow automobile.

In Roy's own words:
[open quote]
At long last here are the photos of the steering wheel for the 1911 Stanley Steamer
automobile and the passenger assist strap for the 1934 Pierce Arrow automobile.

  Each project had challenges not found in ABOK (or at least the solutions were not in

I called the wheel before and after which as I now read it seems like forward and aft,
which it isn't.[end quote]

Here is a page done on Roy by The Whidbey Examiner

Added  2010 July 25th

[open quote]
As so often promised... at last here is the Kbar presentation knife and sheath. The blade
engraving is yet to be done and the big day is MONDAY!!  I am very happy with how it
 turned out.  I bit off a bit more than I could chew as drying time for shellac and varnish
pushed the total days into a rush order.  The hours wasn't too bad, although I added lanyards
 outside the bid price.  Also the sheath was finished with silicone wax by Kbar so shellac
"bedding" was very difficult.   ...   Wait until you see the next sheath.  The knife is a custom
retirement presentation Bowie Pattern.  Quite large.  I am going to get some Kydex and
hitch, graft or squareknot the whole sheath as well as a belt hanger.  .... [end quote]

Here is the work.


Added  2010 June 20th

A single-strand Matthew Walker Knot (the large one) and a six-strand MWK (the
smaller one)



Added  2010 June 8th

Again and again Roy put out neat work.
Here a nice pair of beckets for an Officer's Sea Chest.

Bravo again Roy, and may your business continues to be satisfying.
June 10th : better photographies were sent by Roy and I have modified the slideshow given
as link.

Roy added some words :
The wood worker sent me his photos.

The chest was built of red oak and lined with cedar.
 It was made by Robert York, a Coupeville wood worker.
The client is a retiring Navy man. 
The glass shadow box top will display his memorabilia and the glass front will
display his "cover" (hat).


Added  2010 April 12th

96 panels / faces spherical covering
360 panels / faces spherical covering

Look  for Claude tutorials on the 96 and the 360 faces (search in contents)


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