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Added 2012 March 18th


[open quote]  I lied, here is one more for the collection this week. 17 strand French Sennit
in 1/16" blue cord from Atwood Rope Mfg. [end quote]

picture 1       picture 2


Added 2012 March 16th


Another neat and clean work for a very good deed !

picture 1      picture 2

[open quote]  a 17 strand French Sennit Lanyard. The last one for a while I think. All 3 are
 going for a good cause. [end quote]


Added 2012 March 14th

Another one ! with some details
[open quote] All of my caluses are gone so my fingers are showing the wear and tear with
blisters already. No pain, no gain??  [end quote]


Added 2012 March 13th

I have the sister of this one that was a gift from Don


Added March 12th


I am late showing  what was in a suprise postal package Claude HOCHET sent to me
as a gift a few weeks ago.
Three spherical covers on 30 mm wooden balls as core.
The HP coding table (Claude use exclusively a the tables and never a printed grids put
on a tool, more ! he use only "the screen and post it function of ARIANE, his own brilliant
software - see HOCHET TUTS -
63 Xings, 101 Xings, 120 Xings they are. Here is their portrait !

ARIane file for the 63 Xings ( or here 63 Faces as  it is O1-U1 )
AR file for the 101 Xing
ARI file for the 120 Xing


Added 2012 March 8th

using a grid I made using ARIANE ( here  is the ARI file for those having this superior
software )  and taking inspiration with Don EDWARDS Stefanos FANIDIS made the
- in gutted paracord
- in kangaroo leather
This offer a good comparison between the two material as it is same tyer, with same grid.


Added 2012 March 8th

in direct relation with the topic just under this one : John RICHINGS rendering in flat
leather lace
of the DRAGON's  SCALES PATTERN Ariane made  grid


Added 2012 Feb 28th

DRAGON's  SCALES PATTERN  on cylindrical knots
stealing a leaf from Ron EDWARDS and using ARIANE I made grids for this particular
one in 6 BIGHT ( the EDWARDS' original )
and one in 18 BIGHT

.ARI file for 6 BIGHT      Grid by Ariane
.ARI file for 18 BIGHT ( needs Ariane V2.2.0.1 or over )   Grid by Ariane

I sent those to friends and
Claude HOCHET ( reading directly the table of HP code ) and Stefanos FANIDIS ( using
a grid on a mandrel ) made one each

Stefanos added BIGHTS to his bracelet.

Claude made it "as is" and added a miscellany of knots  one  two  three


Added 2012 Feb 26th

this, just received, complete the leather lace one for which Don WRIGHT made us a
topic to be found in DON-TUTS page



Added 2012 Feb 24th

A NEW SPHERICAL COVER (500+ crossings) by John RICHINGS

picture 1
picture 2
.ARI file  ( needs at least Ariane V2.2.0.1 )
Ariane grid made by John

[open quote] The  new generation of DCK's Made on a 50mm ball with 1.5mm cord.-
John [end quote]


Added 2012 Feb 21rt

 ) : Nono's special bracelet and Nono's 360 FACE spherical cover.

Joseph is, to my knowledge and recollection, the third to make the "special bracelet" ( see
NONO_TUTS ) invented by Norbert from one of ABoK knot that he succeed in drawing
as a single-strand bracelet

Tackling Norbert's bracelet grids is not all that easy and Joseph BENNETT did turn out
clean and neat items

Thank you for making contact and sending your photographies.

Picture 1         Picture 2          Picture 3                  

For the bracelet in full size he is the fourth ( Nono, Jan VOS, George HUNTINGTON to
have made one ( André TREFFENFELD made a finger ring sized one and Jan VOS made
a bracelet)

In Joe 's own words

[open quote]
              I am a regular visitor to your excellent website which is on my Favourites List.
At the moment I'm interested in Nono's great bracelets and grids for same. Please find
attached the 17-strand one made from his improved grids and the 32-strand one (bracelet
based on his 8-braid). I've enjoyed making these bracelets and hope that Nono will give us
more of his creations as he invents them!!!
Both of my bracelets are made with 1.4m.m. VB cord. The 17-strand one is made with
8 grids (7+1) and the 32-strand one has 67 bights (in both cords).
Best regards,
 Joe Bennett (IGKT).
[end quote]

Picture 4
( this one is the 360F spherical covering)
To my knowledge Joe is the eighth person to have made the 360 FACE from Nono's grid
( Barry BROWN was the sixth in 2010 Nov , Michel SINCE was the seventh in 2010 Dec)

Despite a series of records in spherical covers  ( 408F  -  456F  -  600F  -  1000F  -  
1776F  -  1976 ( last two by John RICHINGS ) that were broken and are shown in these
pages, the 360 F model is one of the most elegant and was the very first above the 100
FACES  and still stay beyond the grasp of many knot tyers.

[open quote]
I know I'm a bit late with this but here is my contribution of a 360-facet SCK. The core is a
50m.m.(dia) wooden ball. The two passes of blue cord is 1.5 m.m. polypropylene which,
being coreless, has "flattened" during the tightening process and the grey highlighting cord is
1.4m.m. VB cord. This is a good combination for those who like to completely cover
[end quote]

Thank you for this tip Joe


Added Feb 20th

FROM Michel SINCE : une nouvelle création / A new creation

picture 1      picture 2

In Michel's own words

[open quote] Ma dernière création recouvrement d'anneaux montés en chaîne
avec de la drisse de 2mm, 156 Faces, bicolore pour chaque anneau
Le grand livre des nœuds # 2241( erseau de départ 26 tours )[end quote]
My latest creation : covering chained rings with 2mm cordage. 156 FACE, two colours
for each ring. ABoK #2241 start with 26 turns  [end quote]


Added Feb 14th


What, following Schaake in The Braider N° 42,  he labelled 6 components Semi-Perfect
Herringbone-Pineapple Knot

The grid John made with ARIANE  

With the  JPG and the ARI file with which you can get the table of HP coding in one second
flat from ARIANE you have all that is needed .  Not giving the PDF printed by ARIANE
will save room in my web space that with time has become "smaller' ....

Anyway those NOT having Ariane yet can
***  buy a copy of it after downloading the evaluation version
*** make their own table of HP coding using paper, pencil and brains using a printing of
the grid given
*** simply print the grid and put it on their tool and follow the cordage route and the coding.


Added Feb 14th

FROM Stefanos FANIDIS : a HOUNDSTOOTH ( pied-de-coq en France)
PATTERN he made using one of the several grids I gave in How-to-make page

This is a HOUNDSTOOTH that personnaly I find quite inferior to the original created by
Eddy CLIMO but as it is also  so much easier it is good for a first attempt.

Stefanos gave me a 5B drawing and asked for a bracelet so using Ariane I made it


Added  Feb 10th

FROM JOHN RICHING on a grid he drew using ARIANE made this knot with an
HELICAL PATTERN ( so called Barber Pole)   in leather lace


Added Feb 10th

FROM Stefanos FANIDIS : another bracelet, a CHECKERED PINEAPPLE

Stefanos is the artist who made this one which started as Schaake's idea of a CHECKERED
Here is the grid I made using ARIANE ( Claude HOCHET superior software for
Nested-Bights Cylindrical Knots )
Stefanos was interested in having a bracelet with this pattern so I made a special grid for him
using ARIANE.

Here is the knot on its mandrel and in its finished state : quite handsome and a very 'classy'
colour scheme IMO.

I had some worries for the edges but the cordage is stiff enough to hold them in good shape
and Stefanos did set it right.

For the less than good observers : this is *not* a knot that has been tripled  ( it is not the
same cordage route that has been used thrice - see -) but there is indeed three individualized
cordage routes


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