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Added  2011 August  23th

Mat ups and downs  

Again craft and patience by John RICHINGS


Added  2011 August  19th

Mat with spaghetti ?

That is what John RICHINGS is proposing ;-)
Nicely dressed convoluted work that is a test of patience and minutiae.


Added  2011 August  16th

Miche SINCEà poussé son idée encore plus loin un gainage en T avec des
empilements d'anses.

Michel pushed his idea farther and further :  a sleeve with a 'T' shape with

Très innovant.
A real innovation IMO

A tutorial will be put in SINCE_TUTS later.

T sleeve - Gainage en T


Added  2011 August  13th
Miche SINCE : un gainage en T  / a sleeve with a 'T' shape

Michel m'a demandé si j'avais des notions à propos de ce qui est (très mal à propos
car il ne s'agit en rien de BT même si les "pièces" de départ sont des BT: un cheval et  un
âne peuvent avoir une progéniture mule ou mulet (jument X âne)  d'une part et bardot
(ânesse X cheval ) d'autre part, mais la progéniture n'est cependant ni âne, ni cheval !)
appelé  bonnet turc en T .
N'ayant pas de notion valant le partage j'ai lancé un appel à Jimmy  R. Williams (secrétaire
Igkt-PAB) qui a relayé mon appel à Pat DUCEY ; John RICHINGS, Glenn DICKEY
( igkt NAB).
John a partagé plusieurs documents, Glenn également et Pat quant à lui a fourni sa grille de
gainage en croix à 6 BIGHTS.
Là-dessus Michel a opté pour la poursuite solitaire de sa propre piste et il à fort bien fait 
puisque voici le résultat de la 'fusion'  d'un BT 14L 3B et d'un BT  7L 4B de sa façon.

Un tuto est en cours de rédaction par Michel mais je voulais publié cela sans tarder.

T-sleeve  Gainage en 'T'

Michel asked me if I had some notions about what  is call most improperly  THK  with a 'T'
shape or with a cross shape. Improperly because it is certainly NOT any THK and  NOT
EVEN any Regular Knot ! Juts as a mule is neither horse nor ass !
Having no notion worth sharing I ask help to Jimmy  R. Williams (Igkt-PAB) who relayed
the call  to Pat DUCEY ; John RICHINGS, Glenn DICKEY  ( igkt NAB).
John shared several documents, Glenn did the same and Pat send his own grid for a
At that point Michel decided to make forth on his own trail and he was quite right in doing
that as here you see his own fusion of two THK : 14 L  3 B  confluing with a 7L 4 B.

A tutorial is being prepared and should be shortly published in SINCE_TUTS 


Added  2011 July  17th
Some new spherical covering fromNancy Barnhart roving the States ! 

Photo_1  (144 Xings)              Photo_2                Photo_3   


Added  2011 July  5th
A new F.E.G (effigy , a Franck's joke ) from Franck C; BROWN

A camel and its rider. Nice, as usual.
FCB is really full of imagination and talent.


Added  2011 July  3rd
Brian O'NEEL send me a personal gift :

I got 3 days ago.

This gift was accompanied by a touching ( French mind map, I suppose that for you it will
be 'moving' as in isuicing "moves in the inner being' ) letter explaining why this gift intended
since the end of 2009 was only arriving now . 

Brian certainly has a memory retention that is out of the common  showing that this
gift is not a trivial gesture.

Brian took a liking to the Little Lump Knot   from a tutorial found on Dan Callahan's web
site (    )
he created his own creative adaptation of it 
and this is what I now have (  another piece of someone's live ) in my treasures glass case.

The fob


Added  2011 June 24th

Nancy tried her hand, with success IMO, on John RICHINGS's 1000FACES Spherical
cover Knot.
She made itin 3 colours. Nice !
The show


Added  2011 June 22nd
FCB ( Frank Charles Brown)

Frank made another F.E.G : I really like this  "charming the rope" trick


Added 2011 June 21st
John added to his totem  pole one FAST HELIX (a Schaake's knot) and one
PAMPAS knot (in my How to make page)  ( Regular knots, single STRAND made
on a THK cordage route : RKnot BUILDER was the tool use for the coding )


Added 2011 May 27th
John RICHINGS TOTEM POLE (rather than Walking Stick)

This will get 3 to 4 more knots


Added 2011 May 25th
John RICHINGS making progress on his walking stick

See the last three images for this latest bout of progress.

John made his diagram and table of coding with RKnot Builder and ...voilà :
a nice red knot.


Added 2011 May 19th
WELCOME to the new guy in the block : JP HONEYWELL.(aka KNOTICAL)

JP, realising that COVERING or COVER is NOT a TYPE of knot but a FUNCTION of
some knots makes a very original contribution with the360 FACEs  born-as-a-spherical
cover transferred to a novel FUNCTION : POLYHEDRON COVER.

JP is making a whole range of cover and is now tackling the 1000 FACEs spherical covering
invented by John RICHINGS.

Here is the slideshow of the works I got today.
Observe that, contrary to what happen much too often, JP's work is regular in its setting,
here you will not see one pull over tight, one not nearly enough, one just enough and so on ...

Here is, in his own words, a small intro about JP Honeywell aka knotical

[open quote]
I have been tying decorative knots for over 40 years but it is only since May 2009
(following the death of my step-mother) that I have made a serious effort to improve my
My father is an avid sailor and I was his crew from the age of 3. I borrowed my father's
ABoK and started decorative knotting at age 12. Several years later, he made me return it
and I was forced to buy my own ABoK. :o(  For many years following, I mostly made
ocean plait and prolong mats, simple turks head and monkey fist knots and the occasional
When I became serious again about decorative knotting, I started with monkey fist knots
and slightly more complex turks head knots before progressing to much larger, more
complex turks head knots (such as water bottle coverings) and relatively simple globe knots.
Recently, I have been trying larger and more complex globe knots. I honestly don't know
how many other people have tied a 1,000 facet globe knot, but I would be surprised if more
than 10 people in the world have attempted it.
I live in the Chicagoland area with my exceedingly patient wife and daughter (who is my
apprentice) in a small house with a great deal of cordage. :o)
More of my work can be seen in the following public Facebook galleries:
Decorative knots (sometimes even functional)
Knotted cases
Knots at Sea

Water bottles

Chicago Maritime Festival - 2010
[end quote]

I can tell you that the neat and clean work that JP makes
will raise your interest if only for its variety, originality
and intelligence.

Here is a light sample I made of his work.(with his permission)
SPECIAL MENTION : look at the 15th photo, the impressive stack of bookmarks
between the covered cube and the covered cork bottle stoppers,Well this is the work of
JP's special assistant : his daughter Christine. Bravo jeune fille ! Christine also laid the pink
bottle cover that JP dressed. A mighty feat IMO.


Added 2011 May 9th

two days ago ( May 7th ) a thick envelope was among my mail : a gift coming from
Nancy BARNHART : two of her creations .
As each time someone gives me some item coming from their brain and hands work
I feel very privileged to be given what for me is a piece of their life time.
Those two knots are now in the glass case where I hoard my small treasures.


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