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Added 2010 Dec 17th
John RICHINGS after examining Don's photos for the 600 faces single handedly rebuilt
the  diagram and the table of crossings (those were sent to me but I will not put it on line as
any one really interested in getting such material can have it for the pain and price of sending
a mail).
Of course he proofed his intellectual observation work in the cordage (sorry for the out of
focus appearance, I did my best with Photoshop )


Added 2010 Dec 17th

3 news grids
Blue 600F-1      Blue 600F-2  
Blue side by side with FIREBALL-1           Blue side by side with FIREBALL-1


Added  2010 Dec 14th

A record breaking 600 FACES SPHERICAL COVERING

The story:
2010 Dec 10th
Don wrote in a mail to me :

[open quote]
.I wonder if Nono's grid for the 360 can be enlarged to a 6B and still be tied ?
May try to see if it will work, nothing to loose by trying, Right?

[end quote]

To which my response was:
Yes BUT.
There is always a but.
You will have to go by trial and error to the right configuration in LEADS.

A few hours later I wrote to Don
it is best not to extend to 6 Bights as this will cause a huge "hole" with 6 sides,
better stay at 5B and at that with no guaranty that it will go spherical.
Here is my drawing of the 625 600 faces its gives

IN FACT it is 600 faces as corrected by Claude HOCHET

Night Dec 12th to 13th
Don sent two mails
[open quote]
Well I got the grid on a mandrel and pinned.
Now all I need to do is put some string on it :>)

[end quote]
[open quote]
See Attached Grid of 5 bights. I just finished at 23:30 hours. Time for bed.
 Hope this meets your approval Charles, Morning to You,
[end quote]
                  PHOTO OF THIS FIRST ATTEMPT ( read to know why first )

It certainly met my flabbergasted approval as this take courage to "attack " a 600 faces
(625 was a mistaken count of mine) with the trust that it will indeed give a good spherical
covering 'in the end'.
Don had a huge faith in my tinkering of Nono's 360 faces drawn template, not sure I have
the same faith at the moment.

Dec 13th end of afternoon (my time frame) I got that from Don

[open quote]
... On thing I already noticed as, I dressed the knot, is that there are 2 or 3 places that look
like the cord burned part way through itself from the friction of pulling the last few tight
half cycles to complete the knot. I think I will try to pull another cord through and replaces
the worn parts. Not what I had in mind but I would sooner do that than have a break in the
 line while putting it on the core. I have some 1.8mm cord that is not quit as abrasive as the
orange cord so I hope it will pull through easier without abrasions. I started out with 60 feet of cord,
 not knowing how much it would take, and that was about 28 feet more that I need and the
extra pulling was just

[end quote]

Dec 14th

[open quote]
I'm glad I redid the grid on the mandrel. I found 19 placed that the cord was burned over
half way and some were left with just the inner tiny white cord (less than 1mm).

Here are a few pics of a work in progress. Its complete for the first pass and I don't know
if I can get 3 passes or not. I think the second one will fill all of the voids. Lots of the triangle
shape places where it would be really tough to cram 3 passes in so I think two will max out
the spaces.We'll find out tomorrow. I hope this is enough Pics for what you wanted.

I guess this just about tops Claude's 456 faces??
[end quote]

Well once again  he already did that number with my enlarging (same method than for a
THK) of the Ocean Mat, Don proved in the cordage this 'pencil and paper' concept of mine.


PHOTO 1  We were quite lucky to get hold of the last model of a miniaturized savage watch
hound at a good price, and this proves a good investment as lazy workers can cost a lot.
Tho dog send me a report with pictures and in this one he was establishing that he was
watching him good to keep him in the straight and narrow.

PHOTO 2 But keeping watch on the lazy can be damn tiring I can tell you (Watch dog was
manoeuvering for a gratification I guess with this shot.)

PHOTO 3 He better begins the serious stuff soon or I will take sharp and pointed measures!

PHOTO 4 Silly to whom we asked a sphere is sabotaging putting that into Rugby Ball shape.
Will straighten him in a second flat.

PHOTO 5 The cheek that guy has!  he told me it was no Rugby Ball but Citrus and going to
 Orange. I will let it pass for once, but I saw what I saw.

PHOTO 6 Did not cut him any slack and had him taking it out, err the slack I mean, take
out the slack.

PHOTO 7 and PHOTO 8  At long last he finished the 1-PASS : but no weakness with
those workers : just as hairdressers do he had to show front AND BACK (where the hide
 bad work !, I know all the tricks, small I am may be by brainy and no-nonsense I tell you )

Later in the day:
[open quote]
The pictures and description are great and a bit humorous if I do say so.
The inter core is a 3 inch wooden ball.
The cording is a poly braid of 1/16" inch from Atwood Rope Mfg.
It is the same cord I used for the Orange knot, but a shorter piece, so I didn't have as much
to pull through the second time around and I was careful and slower and had no frizzing or
burning of cord.
The orange and golden colors were  beautiful together when I repulled the knot so I may
use the orange again for the second pass.
Dressing the knot on the ball was easier than I though it would be because the knot was
very close to being the right size and there was no slipping around on the surface.
It took less than 2 hours to completely dress it.
The very ends of the knot were all that required removing the slack as the main body of the
work was a snug fit with no slack at all.
As a whole the knot was very easy to do and took much less time than I thought it would.
Charles really did a good job expanding the 360 to 600 grid.
I still think a 6 bight would work after doing the 5 bight. Next???
[end quote]

later still
[open quote]
Here is the final product, The Fireball 600.
It was fun to do.
Used about 25 feet for the final pass in the Orange cord as it looked really good with the
Golden color.
[end quote]

PHOTO 9  see the blue one ? well its sister is sitting in my glass case,  one of the many
gifts from Don       
 PHOTO 10           PHOTO 11           PHOTO 12     


Added  2010 Dec 12th


an eighth 360 faces spherical covering, one that should inspire all :

[open quote]
My name is John Richings and I live in Wales and am a wrinkly 73 year old.
Just a note to say I succeeded tieing the 360 facet  (with the help of Jan Vos' diagram)
Tied on a 40mm polystyrene ball in 1.5mm 8plait so called "chalk line"
[end quote]

I had to rework the picture with Photoshop and 'resharpen' its focus.


Added 2010 Dec 13rd

A record breaking 456 FACES SPHERICAL COVERING

Another record breaking spherical covering 456 FACES finished yesterday Sunday 12th.

Photo 1
Photo 2

I have a notion that this record will not stay unchallenged and that at this very moment
someone must be raising the ante !
This one is on a French billard ball (61.5 mm) 12 m of 2 mm cordage for this 2-PASS


Added  2010 Dec 9th

A record breaking 408 FACES SPHERICAL COVERING

a RECORD BREAKING spherical covering with 48 faces more than the famed 360 faces
that so few dared to do, this one has 408 faces.

[open quote]
L’affaire à mes yeux semblait mal engagée car après le montage sur mon tuyau il y a
quelques jours je cherchais un cœur.
J’ai opté pour une bille de français.

J’ai donc fait comme mes autres réalisations c'est-à-dire faire le premier serrage sur le tube.
Là j’ai récupéré 1 m de cordage.
Ensuite je mets la bille et çà bloque un peu pour la faire rentrer je n’aurais pas dû faire de
serrage me dis-je sur qu’il me faudrait tout démonter, mais méfiant j’ai poursuivi et en fait je
n’ai eu aucun problème.

Deuxième serrage sur la bille où je récupère 50cm, équilibrage correct.
Avec le cordage récupéré 1.5m et les 1m de trop du départ (je n’avais été très généreux)
j’ai commencé la deuxième passe, en prenant soin de bien équilibrer la chose.
Lorsque j’eus fini avec mon cordage de rab, je constate après mesure qu’il me manque 3 m
que je récupère sur la bobine et je coupe car deux passes suffiront.
Fin de la deuxième passe.

 Comme j’aime à le faire la deuxième passe me sert de serrage et j’en ai terminé.
Là aussi record battu avec ma technique  4h devant la télé, certes j’ai pas vu grand-chose je
regardais le foot, enfin j’entendais le foot !
Pour la partie tressage j’ai du mal à dire le temps car je m’y suis repris à trois fois avec une
erreur dans ma table de croisements.
Mais comme j’avais peur de devoir recommencer une quatrième fois j’ai fait très très
J’ai du mettre entre deux et trois heures

Donc je récapitule
8.5 m au début + 3m (il reste environ 2 fois 20cm) soit 11. 5 m.
5 m par passe
Une bille de billard français de 61.5mm
Un tube de diamètre 45 mm cm et de 150 mm de longueur[end quote]

Added  2010 Dec 14th
End of afternoon today : a big surprise ! I got two presents in the mail, one was THIS
billiard ball and its 408 faces spherical covering
Both presents are now in the glass case that holds all my litthe treasures.


Added  2010 Dec 9th

A guitar strap

[open quote] Made another guitar strap for the daughters boyfriend for Christmas and
interlaced the middle section with a 5 strand weave like the one I made last year.
It takes 512 holes punched into the leather to do the inlay and edge lacing and that almost
take as long to do as the knot work part. I think the end result is worth the effort though. ....

I did find me some more string when in Utah and came home with 27 300 foot rolls of the
2mm cord and 8 100 foot hanks of paracord. I now have a better selection of colors to pick
from to do the next whips and maybe a few dog leads. [end quote]

Here is Don squirrel's cache of strings !
and then last but not least because I find them
making a beautiful sight : DON, MOM (97), RON , two brothers and their Mother.
Hail Lady !
I hope nobody missed the famously rare JACKALOPE trophy in the upper right corner
of the family photo! ;-D)


Added  2010 Dec 05th
Michel SINCE

From a new comer :
53, this French is a professional using electrical wires of all types ! (this explain what first
astounded me in his work (see documentation he is sharing here) : a neatness that few have
after one year "in knots", hey! there are even some, nevertheless highly pleased with
themselves and admired by their own ilk, who even after some years still have not it ! (Hello
guys !)

Michel use knots as "tools" depending on the problem to solve but in ornamental he likes
Star knots ( single and multiple strands), lanyard/Bosun knots and Turk's heads.

You can see some of his work under Michel (use Find in your Web Browser and enter 
"michel" in search field) at this address

He is the seventh person to make this spherical covering invented by Nono.


Added  2010 Dec 04th
Frank C  BROWN

Well known for his 2 
pamphlets on  animals and people in string.

This one is a roo ( kangaroo it is outside Australia ;-) ) that should have been "jumping"
but became a "grazing" one due to a trick played by the glue which refused to set in the
specified span of time.


Added  2010 Nov 14th

Here is what Roy is telling me
 This is the second chest that Rob York and I have collaborated on.  More to come in the

This sailor chest as a whole is splendid work!
DO NOT MISS having a look at it.

Roy also send :
Here is the bread knife I did for a "buckskinner" fellow.

I made a Picasa slideshow with them.


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