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Added 2012 Feb 8th


HANSEN's knot in leather lace
( see bottom of page How -to-make )

John's grid
John's table of code
John's knot

the grid made with ARIANE


Added 2012 Feb 5th


Pineapple knot ( please don't play at being the silly ignorant and do NOT dare to say
Standard Herringbone-Pineapple Knot which it is NOR for reason already explained at
length) -made with three Turk's Head Knots of EVEN number of PARTS.

Each THK component is a 8L 3B

24 LEAD    5 BIGHT NEST   total 15 BIGHT 

From John
table of code 

Haphazard can have the advantage of giving a better dispersion of the "tails"
Schaake's diagram


Added 2012 Feb 2nd

An assembly with a Herringbone pattern of two Perfect Pineapple Knots
but made with leather lace

the knot shown in How-to-make page
John grid
John code table


Added 2012 Feb 1rt

Stefanos FANIDIS again:
Yesterday bracelet was in round cordage, here is the same pattern executed using
gutted paracord .
This exemplify well the difference in rendering between round cordage and flattish cordage.


Added 2012 Jan 31rt

Another bracelet made by Stefanos FANIDIS on a grid generated by ARIANE that I sent
to him. A very nice work

The bracelet

For those with ARIANE here is the .ARI file that they can open in this software to get the
table of coding

The diagram

use the right mouse click contextual menu and 'save link as' to download it )


Added 2012 Jan 30th

From  Stefanos FANIDIS : a bracelet  the idea of which was inspired to him by one of
Michel SINCE 's tutorial on so called barber pole cylindrical knot ( assembly of THK
with helical pattern )

This one is O1-U1 and I think that it shows well how gutted paracord ( a flatish cordage)
suits well those sort of knot that do not agree very well with hard lay round cordage.

If you want to make the grid and the table of coding just use ARIANE
The diagram
.ARI file (needs at least Ariane V2.0.0.1)

Stefanos is now going to make the same pattern but with a different coding for the assembly
of the two component THK.


Added 2012 Jan 28th

John RICHINGS tackled the knot I gave in the 2011 Jan  24th ( a year and 4 days ago)
topic in How-to-make :

John wrote
[open quote]
Charles, I thought I ought to have a go, although I find tieing handsome/neat PK's
almost impossible
. There are 3 others I can have a go at as well 
[end quote]

Here is the end stage of this knotting
The knot on the vertical cylinder.
John's rendering of the grid (for printing)
John's table of HP codes

This one is the occasion to show the power of ARIANE that is now able to draw that
knot mixing 3-PASS, 4-PASS and 5-PASS

I have often said that those knots are for flat leather lace and not at all for round cordage, at
least not round cordage with a core that hinder their flattening.

Try gutted paracord ( leather lace is really for the very very well moneyed ! )or a cordage
"braid without core" but if I know that in large diameter I am not sure that it exist in small
diameter. May be some can be made by pulling the central core of some cord if this core is
made of parallel filaments.
The flatter the cord can go the better for the appearance.
May be try it if soft cotton cord that flatten easily.


Added 2012 Jan 24th

Coils with gripping power or that can keep the shape they are put into.

- slideshow gripping

- slideshow keeping shape
[open quote]
These pictures of the sennit I just made for the tutorial (and for ... to maybe wear) might
serve better for your friend.
Who wouldn't love a sennit that stands up by itself to be photographed, and can hold on to a
tapered fid?
[end quote]

So Jimbo may be preparing us a tutorial on that

His other finding : this "banister" made with two cordages of different diameter.
[open quote]
If anyone is still interested...
If you need a hand-hold, this "counter-laid-bannister-bar" trick makes lots of finger-size
"grippy holes".  Just my opinion, but it feels pretty grippy in my hand...

And now, if you have a need to put a larger cord on a knot with a smaller cord (in this case,
the White/Pink one is almost twice the diameter of the solid Purple one), this seems nice to

It's that same weird confabulation of Bannister Bars, with the Purple cord laid OVER the
White/Pink wherever they meet.  Not finished, because these are my "Pet Ropes"!!  I'm still
looking for a reason to tie one "for score"
[end quote]

(open quote]

All this 'started" with this knotting "in banister" accompanied by those words from
Jimbo ( I did not make a PDF as I don't what to find those all over the net with the pdf
harvesters so 3 JPG     : JM1      JM2    JM3


Added 2012 Jan 22nd

From Stefanos FANIDIS  a SEDGEWICK cylindrical knot
as shown in How-to-make page.

Here is this "not so easy' knot that will probably make a very good bottle cover.

In Stefanos's own words
[open quote]
It was much difficult not only to make it without any mistake (i had tie and untie
it 3 times!!) but to take out the core from 2 strands of 14 meters paracord also  :)  :) 
[end quote]


Added 2012 Jan 18th   (Added 2013 February  17th == a full UPDATE that you can also
find in JIMBO_TUTS :
 (it is a .pdf file but I have had a number of those stolen in the past -by robots?- and
put on some other sites specialising in pdf so I now rename them to .fdp : 
after downloading the file rename it to .pdf OR directly ask your .pdf reader to open
it using "open with"
in the contextual menu)

FROM JIMBO , a collection of SLINGS

A few days ago I sent a link (
in ) to Jimbo with the words:
"may be this will be a future cordage project for you ?" going with those beautiful slings.

Sure enough Jimbo the Kinky answered
"I hate to say "I told you so"... no, it would be "been there, done that"... with this picture.

to which I responded
Don't want to be difficult but yours is  a wee bit less "classy" ! ;-D)

Of course Jimbo not being short in arguments sent my this collection of slings.

[open quote]
The cord is a left-over from a cable pull.  It's actually called "pull string", and comes in a
plastic bucket -- I don't even think it's measured, just "bucket".  It is easy to get through
{wherever}, and strong enough to pull our network cables back with it.  We send a "return
string" with the cable for the next guy.  This leaves us with a lot of scrap.  Makes a nice
sling.  Minimal stretch, absolute lowest possible cost.

I should have shown you the "mouse ball sling" (remember balls in computer mice?) which I
made of brickmason cord, and gave away.  It would throw a rock the size of the last joint of
your thumb, so far we couldn't see them hit.  Here's a Golf Ball Sling I made and the jig to tie
it.  If you're interested I could write up the details.  Obviously I don't weave the cord parts
like the Egyptians did, having modern woven cordage at my disposal...

Okay, you can send a golf ball further with a club, but it works for key limes too, as well as
Giant Asian Snails!

I can show you the tennis-ball sling I gave to another friend, whose dog is obsessed with
balls.  I'll attach a couple of pictures.  This was in March.  The wee loop is so I can hang the
whole thing in storage within my reach, by reeving the bigger loop through it.  If you need to
throw cannon balls, this sling will do it for you, if you can hold on.  It whips tennis balls with
a surreal "whsssshhh" that gets the dog even more excited.

Yeah, "great minds think alike"...  An old American TV personality named Art Linkletter
once said: "Genius around the world stands hand-in-hand; and one shock of recognition runs
the whole circle 'round."  I always liked that.


Weaving the pouch like this?  EEEEEKK!!!!  My "Repetitive Motion Sickness" hurts just
thinking about it!!!

For my next trick, another tennis ball sling made with a split pouch done as a cut splice with
single-braid cord.  Picture a pair of Brummel Eyes, magically grafted together arm-to-arm,
making an eye not-quite-big-enough to pass a tennis ball.  And that crazy Hungarian Hollow
Braid Eye Splice (??)
as an anchor loop, because it's self-locking AND adjustable.  I made
one this way from a scrap, in about 20 minutes; and the first time I thought about taking a
picture of it was just this moment, writing this.  It worked so surprisingly well, I gave it away
weeks ago.  Hence the new one, done in front of the camera, as soon as I find my muse.

Goliath better WATCH out!! [end quote]

second picture of the tennis ball sling
detail of the tennis ball sling

If we are "good" may be Jimbo will make us a tutorial.


Added 2012 Jan 17th

From Stefanos FANIDIS  a PAMPA  STYLE cylindrical knot
as shown in How-to-make page.

Here is this 'no so easy to make' knot


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