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Added 2009 Feb 23th  

Just  download   the latest version of KNOT CYPHER


Glenn DICKEY ( a proud member of IGKT-NAB ) :

Added 2009 Feb 13th  ( Friday 13 : a lucky number in some minds )
Glenn is a volunteer rigger on the Columbus' Santa Maria replica and maintain his own
personal pages :
( Glenn moved his site - march 2009)

 --- see his work on Bowline varieties  and other knots
---- and on Lexington Chariot
and don't forget to say hello with your comments in a mail.

May be the Bowline varieties will inspire you to make a THEMATIC knot board

Glenn lent his own pictures ( I resize them ) :
--- SANTA MARIA replica
--- a bow fender
--- another fender
Copyright is fully Glenn's of course



Didier MURAT ( A French established in the USA ) : by a professional, in the style of  what is in France BD ( Bande Dessinée, Comics for the English world ) , a short
but complete and well illustrated tutorial on Sea Chest Beckets

Added 2009 Jan 5th

Didier MURAT is a professional and if you want  for yourself or to make a sumptuous gift a sea chest you just have to visit his site.

Sea / Sailor Chest Beckets courtesy of  Didier MURAT


JIMBO new fob

Added 2008 Dec 12th

Jimbo comes again with a special item : an elaborated key fob.

After the first prototype (he was dissatisfied with it as it was not its usual grade of work so
no pictures of it  will appear here) he wrote

[open quote]
It isn't perfect, but this prototype shows what I wanted to build.

The eye is the almighty Brummel, with a longer-than-normal bury to make the "stem".

The bury is SUPPOSED to go all the way into the knot, my usual 5B, 4L THK bunched up
as tight as my ADD will let me.  The other end is, of course, Brion Tossed.  The next one,
I'll put more care and effort into tightening the THK so there won't be any slack to take
back.  This one looks like its neck is broken.

The Ring Hitch is from Ashley, I'm sure, but I can't seem to find it.  I was inspired by
#1863-5, but I made a normal Becket Hitch then hauled the eye through the ring a second
time, then gave it a half-twist a-la ABoOK #1920(-ish) before pushing the knob through it.
 It takes some work to fair it (it works better with a longer eye), but that gives the "collar"
effect all the way around the "stem".
[end quote]

Now comes the second attempt with those words (all quotes from Jimbo stand for
"tutorials : with image they are enough for  brain enabled  knot tyers  to do their own piece.)

[open quote]
A little too long yet, even for my paws.  But closer.

I left the bury lying all the way to the top of the 5B4L THK (actually used it to double
backwards until it came out the other side), so it'll be a long time before that broke-neck
look comes back.

To tie this ring hitch, start with a normal Becket Hitch but pull the top of the eye as far out
as you can, until the main stem of the knot jams into the eye's crotch, then pass the knob
twice around one side of the stuck-out eye.  Then "spill" those two hitches that will form so
the main stem is straight & the eye's parts wrap all fair & tight to make the double-bight
collar.  Resist the urge to haul away on the stem until it's pretty close to fair.  You could
pass  the "far" collar-bight over the "near" one and avoid that awkward long cross on the

Of course the secret to making it look like the Ring Hitch "just grew there" is sizing the eye
right.  The crotch of this eye is actually just inside the ring.  Practice on the bight which will
ultimately become the eye, so you'll know without measuring where to put the holes for the

[end quote]


JIMBO Micro-splicing

Added 2008 Nov 25th

[open quote]
Braided #18 brickmasons' twine, Möbius Brummel style Eye, poorly tapered Bury:
(Yes, this is a Mahogany Fid, yes those dents are from cordage!)
(Yes, the little nubs are where I burned off the stray hairs...)
I used a large-eyed plastic needle to make the "holes" for the Möbius Brummel technique,
and a piece of scrap thread to reeve the eye through them.  The bury is made by the
"pinch-and-pull" method.  If I could just find a reliable (and painless) way to "point up" the
end, you could make this without any tools but fingers and brain.  If there's cord to waste,
I've had some small success at putting the flame a little ways back from the end, then pulling
the end to stretch the heated part & draw it out to a point.  But I'll need a few years worth
of calluses to be able to roll a melted piece of Nylon into a point with "just" my fingers...

Also, I tried to "un-bury" -- to take the eye apart like my friend did by slacking everything
& massaging it apart.  Couldn't do it.  Maybe the eye my friend untied wasn't made right...
Anyway...  As soon as I can figure out how to make a hard point on #18 brickmasons'
twine I'll shoot the whole process "for score" & then you can feel free to post it if you think
it's worth sharing.

[end quote]

Well this is well worth sharing as it is, so thanks to you Jimbo.



Added 2008 Oct 27th

Jimbo's words for the copycats
One side of the ZEBRA clippers
The other side of the ZEBRA clippers    for zebra ( equus ) nomenclature .

[open quote]
The "Boat Clips" gave me the idea of making a two-tone hitchery.  Since the kinks in a line
are the same piece of cord, that should make a striped hitchery with a single colored line on
each side.

I started with a simple Overhand Knot quite near the end of the yarn of the first color. 
I know there are "issues" with knottery re H and L and Gozovers and Gozunders and an
OK is really a THK somehow, but basically I just set it up so the short end came out on
the side which would be covered by the hitchery. 

Then I did the same with the other color, except the ends reversed.  The short end still
sticks up under the hitchery, but from the other edge of the handle.  This leaves the long
ends to pass OVER the first OKs to make the lines of kinks run all the way to the end,
where they meet.

I hauled each OK as tight as I could, then took the first one's long end, which points away
from the hitches, and began "same-way" half-hitches, first with one color, then with the
other until I got to the edge.  As soon as the short ends were well secured (4 or 6 hitches),
I Brion Tossed them & continued Hitching.

At the edges, I started alternating hitch directions in order to make a straight line along the
corner of the edge.  When I got toward the end of the handle, I changed back to
same-direction hitches to bring the hitchery to an end with the yarns together and the other
ends of the kinks meeting like at the beginning.

After Brion Tossing the other ends, I lightly "modge-podge"-d the result so I could be sure
it'd last long enough to photograph it.  The line of black kinks isn't as straight and pretty as
I'd like it, so this will probably get cut off some day & replaced with a better version.

Plus I'd like to add a lanyard somehow...

So this is a "proof of concept" rendition, in hopes of feedback from the Hallowed Halls of

[end quote]

thanks again to this diversified researcher forever advancing the knotting knowledge  ;-)



Added 2008 Oct 26th

Don masterful rendering of the WEE LIGHT HOUSE fob



Added 2008 Oct 15th

Jimbo clips with this words
[open quote] Just something I dreamed up, afloat on a Summer's day...
Remember... it's Red Right Returning...

...TO the sea!!  <ROTFLOL> [end quote]

Jimbo you are reminding me of this old sea Captain.
One day he had to retire at a ripe old age. Then his wall safe was opened : he had put there
all his treasures taken from his last command.
There was a great trepidation at the opening of the safe as every one was hoping to
long last.... discover the old sea wolf's lifetime secret : every time he had to give a helm
order he  first always made sure to go and look inside the ship safe.

Safe is opened : in it just a bit of paper, much creased and decrepit.
Written on it : 4 words


You Jimbo  it is a pair of clips.
First picture       Second picture

I dread the night you will put them in the wrong orientation !
bye bye Jimbo, for ever cruising the High Seas   ROTFLOL !

Thanks for this new contribution.


Added 2008 Oct 14th
Roy's successful market stall.



Added 2008 Oct 07th
Got my country 'mascotte' from Frank.  ( Do you know what is said of the Gallic Cock ?
The Only Animal Able To Sing When Standing In The Shit )

Thanks a lot Frank. A beautiful red rooster this is for sure. Flamboyant.



One of his photo from Auckland Maritime museum :
A fascinating lashing


Added 2008 Oct 05th

This is a situation that French language has as "Jimbo essaie de mettre en boite Roy et
Jimbo the famous discoverer of the Murray Island Splice ( see Page 1 Friend's page)  is
canning ( put in a box == mettre en boite ) Roy and Chas with a marvelously devised experiment.

Grand Title
PROOF!  A Bowline Does NOT Untie Itself!!
[open quote]This has been bothering me for a long time, and I finally have undeniable proof.

With inspiration from my good friend, mon cochon, Nautile, and with a nod to my other
good friend "Mr. President", I set up a scientific test.  I took some exotic cordage, laid in a
Bowline & set it properly, then placed it in a hermetically sealed jar (I couldn't get a Bell
Jar, so I used a BALL Jar) in a 3-lock box for seventy-five years.  After all that time, I
cleaned off the dust & put it in front of my camera to show the world the proof:

Proof conclusive.  A Bowline will NOT untie itself!

'Nuff said![end quote]

Annexed was the incontrovertible photographic proof
Thanks Jimbo for this great work that should bring fame to you.
You are a great guy !



Added  2008 September 23rd

Not often seen I think : a TARRED knot

Jimbo first LEFT enlargement of a 4L 5B THK into a 6L 7B



( Gabriel has a paragraph on Friend's page - 2 )
Gabriel made me the present of a CD containing a big number of photographies
of  his "matelotage traditionnel" ( traditional marlinespike art)

Photographies in his book L'APPEL DU LARGE  (the call of the high sea)
are in big and small size ( I do think of those with slow connexion). This book is the
catalogue of a many months exhibit (officially sponsored by Le Conseil Régional , a
political entities having cultural responsibilities  - There are 26  Conseils Régionaux in France)

- Official exhibition 2008 June ( big)
- Official exhibition 2008 June ( small)

Gabriel's personal exhibition is also show in small and big size

- Gabriel's personal show ( big)
- Gabriel's personal show ( small )

Added 2008 Oct 04th
- Gabriel's shack in Normandy


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