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Added 2012 Jan 13th

From GEORGE HUTCHINSON : his rendering of  one of Nono's grids.
George named it bracelet with star knots meridian
To see it just follow this link

I give you his other sites


Added 2012 Jan 13th
 from Stefanos FANIDIS  bracelets of star knots
first one and second one


Added 2012 Jan 3rd

Stefanos FANIDIS drew a bracelet grid with ARIANE ( software by Claude HOCHET )
and made this original bracelet.


Added 2011 December 19th

A new contribution from Don Wright

Extensions with CARRICK BEND and his EGG on the bigger one


Added 2011 December 18th

see the 4th of October entry for STRUKTOR's PROGRAM FOR MÖBIUS STRIP
The name of the program is rozeta. ( not rozetta not roseta and not rosetta )

This one is for ODD number OF LEADS


Added December 10th

some eggs and CROSSES in the making.  Enjoy !


Added December 5th

From  Don WRIGHT : using Nono's 360F spherical cover Don made a second egg ( the
 first one is in my glass showcase with my other treasures, Don gave it to me with many other
 of his works.
See his three latest  works here


Added 2011 Nov  16th

From Stefanos FANIDIS

A 5-PASS (not many have been done ! ) Standard HERRINGBONE knot ( DO NOT,
like too many persons,  confounded those with Standard Herringbone-PINEAPPLE knots)
5 THK components 5L4B which make for an overall 25L 20B
One can have tutorials ( first one - second one )  in my pages

A 2-PASS GAUCHO knot  13L 40B


Added 2011 Nov 4th

From John RICHINGS : a Pine Cone
A nice idea well made


Added 2011 Oct 29th

From GEORGE HUTCHINSON : his rendering of the Prince EDWARDS ' carrick
bracelet ( see this common venture questing fro this bracelet on Friends-page_8 )
George's bio

The cordage chosen suits very well a neat realisation IMO:

Photo 1
Photo 2

See also the quite surprising "clothe line" creation by same George.
just explore the remainder by yourself

you will find inspiration there I am sure :    <--a small collection of work here, not too
 much activity <--moderate size collection here, most of the
 sales come from this site <--big collection here (they don't charge for listings!)


Added 2011 Oct 23rd

From NANCY BARNHART a 368 FACES covering on a wood shape

her tutorial made with ARIANE

May be you will find this tutorial I made which show the numbering of the PINS
on the grid.


Added 2011 Oct 12th


DON WRIGHT reactivated his hands and ropes and make us this beautiful three colours
Neat and clean as usual from him.


Added 2011 Oct 4th

The name of the program is rozeta. ( not rozetta not roseta and not rosetta )

STRUKTOR contacted me yesterday to impart the existence of his programs.
The following quote gives all the needed information; Enjoy !

[open quote]

I developed a new method of manufacturing knots in the shape of the head of the Turkish
Mobius strip.
It has the advantage that it allows these nodes to plait on normal tools used for ordinary
Turkish head knots.

The idea is to add extra bights, which only serve to simulate the half turn on the cylinder,
or a plane and disappear after pulling the knot and Mobius strip molding.
This method works well for an even number of laps of the leads.
For an odd number of leads, the order of interlaces can be locally broken, that is why I
didn't take them under consideration.

I did not make a separate index for Mobius Turk's Head knots, because you can use the
index for the ordinary Turk's Head knots, adding extra bights.
Easy to see that for even leads we have formula: extra bights = leads / 2

I wrote the program to draw schemes of these knots, which is available from:

Program for the ordinary Turk's Head knots:

Best regards

[end quote]

For the interested person here are some links

*** my old published article on a "practical" way to make the Möbius you want
** l'article ci-dessus en Français

***  SCHAAKE on the MÖBIUS ( English)

*** my translation of Schaake's   partie 1    partie 2

Note : it seems that Struktor was not congnizant of Schaake ' s article in The Braider


Added 2011 September 9th


a "Fabergesque" egg fully exposed in RICHINGS-TUTS


Added 2011 September 6th


Version 2 ( repairs were needed after a little mishap due to little groping hands ! ) of his
dragonflies mobile.
I like the cute worm.
Nothe the top center : sun on a cloud


Added 2011 September 1rst

Stefanos FANIDIS
A new friend, coming from Greece.
Look in particular at his rendering of a scorpion  coming from a tutorial that took his fancy.


Added 2011 August 30th

New contribution from JIMBO

[open quote]
I've been making these for a time now.  Depending on the cordage, these can be surprisingly useful.

In small ("finger-sized") PolyPropylene, you can have a dishwashing brush ...
... that floats in the sink...

In larger natural cordage, it will move ALL the sawdust or lathe chips or eraser dust or
'whatever' out of the way, or clear sand and dirt from your shoes...

It's obviously nothing but a back-splice (e.g. 2817), whipped after "enough" length.  I like to
whip it first with Nylon hauled Very Tight, then cover that with a nice natural hitchery.  The
white one was too flexible, hence the extended hitching, which stiffened up the part it
covered while leaving the exposed splice soft in the hand.

Obviously they can be made more attractive than these!  To me, since I expect these will be
consumed over time, I just practice tucking (or backing -- later!) until it's long enough then
whip, (hitch?), fray (why is it that "ravel" and "UNravel" mean the same thing?) and sweep.
 "Close enough" is probably more work than they're ultimately worth.  But when you're done,
 you'll find ways to use them!

Also, if the end is well whipped, you can take the last piece with the whipping and use it for
a fingernail-cleaning brush!

Hoping this helps...
[end quote]


Added  2011 August  27th

Latest cretaion on beach rocks by Nancy BARNHART

and a curious pair of chairs she sent, may be she is envisionning plenty of THK on them,
thatwould surely surprise the guards !


Added  2011 August  27th

La dernière création de Michel SINCE

Cross shape sleeve based on the intersection of two THK

Gainage en croix ( intersection de 2 BT )
Barre horizontale bonnet turc 23L  8B
Barre verticale bonnet turc 25L  8B


Added  2011 August  20th

Newest F.E.G  by Franck C; BROWN

Wonder who is making the other go for a constitutional : doggie or master ?


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