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Added 2012 May 10th

From Stefanos  FANIDIS  new attempts
in paracord, inspired
by the patterns of ABoK#1385 and ABoK#1386


bracelets  ( in 34B and 70B )



 Belatedly added 2012 May 8th ( I have had them for some days and forgot to use them)

From Claude HOCHET and friend """"real sailor""" work : splicing



Added 2012 May 8th

From Stefanos FANIDIS another bracelet with a pattern inspired by
ABoK#1386 sinnet that was drawn as Cylindrical Knot using the powerful software

the grid from ARIANE
the bracelet Stefanos made from it

in the same spirit Stefanos attempted ABoK#1385  seen as a Cylindrical Knot
Here it is


Added 2012 May 7th

From John RICHINGS  FOUR variations on a theme for globe cover


[open quote] Charles, Some variations on a theme. I've omitted Var. 2 because it's a regular UO and Var 5 because it's not very distinctive. All tied on a 40mm ball.....43 or 44mm would have been better, particularly for Var 2 which was too tight at 2ply [end quote]


Added 2012 May 4th

From Stefanos FANIDIS : several knots but the MAIN is the one made in leather lace using Norbert special lattice grid : a  one of a kind in my opinion.

*** the special one

the other one , a good one too. 
The original idea for tyhat one is in SCHAAKE : The Braider N° 44 IIRC


Added 2012 April 26th

John RICHINGS takes up again his walking stick

Here is the FIFTH knot on it


Added 2012 April 23rd

From Stefanos FANIDIS:
- his new lanyard
- the first to attempt in the cord the latest Nono's grid ( photo out of focus in spite of
having been 'doctored' with Photoshop


Added 2012 April  21rst

FROM NONO, a personal gift for me.

Another treat for me coming from NONO, a new circular mat coming straight from his brains and hands without passing through a grid phase so NONO is not even sure to do
it again !!!
Here is the first mat, I say first because I received two !
I will add the picture of the second one later.


Added 2012 April 5th

Some lanyard by Don WRIGHT : you will find his tutorial for his modification of the
17-STRAND French Sennit in DON_TUTS

lanyard 1            lanyard 2            lanyard 3


Added 2012 April 2nd

Cadeau reçu de Michel SINCE / A gift just received from Michel SINCE

Michel m'a offert des morceaux de temps de sa vie en m'offrant ces trois nouages de sa
confection. Ils sont dans ma vitrine aux trésors où j'amasse mes trésors reçus.

Michel gave me time spans of his life in thos three well crafted knots coming from his hands and brain. They are now in my "treasures glass case" were I hoard such given treesures.
Thank you.


Added 2012 April 1rst

Stefanos FANIDIS

a kangaroo lace ( 3mm) bracelet made by Stefanos using a grid draw by ARIANE on a
design made by SCHAAKE

PRECISION ADDED 2012 May 20th : another picture ,  yet another one and a last one with words from Stefanos :
[open quote]  Sending another photo just to refer to something important about that knot: First time I tried it I could noτ manage to give the effect  of the width being shared equally. Trying the knot a second time I placed pins on the mandrel inside the point where lace was going to fold and the result was much more successful.I am showing you what I a mean with the second photo 2. [end quote]

I invented several  grids taking  one of Schaake grid (Fig 925) and modifying some of its
and gave one to Stefanos who made a superb work with it choosing his own two colours and distribution of the two among the strands.
Here is a grid with the same pattern but I fear with a different number of strands ! ;-D)
 Eight strands Grid dissection here.

ARIANE PDF for this grid needing EIGHT STRANDS

If you are good boys and girls I will give the 4-STRAND version !

ARIANE PDF for the 4-STRAND version of the red and black bracelet

Four strands grid dissection here.

4-STRAND and 8-STRAND grids in Pi/8 grid ( larger than  Pi/6 standard isometric)
This image  has a width over 52 cm  (over 20") but  with out a special printer it is quite
obvious that you cannot print it larger than the largest dimension of the paper leaf in the
printer. Don't complain that the grid is too small cut it is several parts that each will be
printed on its own leaf and after that scissors and glue plus a bit a mental pondering should
yield a bigger grid.

DO NOT forget that I use a strict way to make knots and that the
ODD-numbered half-periods goes
- from BOTTOM-RIGHT to TOP LEFT in the VERTICAL cylinder frame of reference
- from BOTTOM-LEFT to TOP RIGHT in the HORIZONTAL cylinder (mandrel) 
frame of reference ( BIGHT RIM on the LEFT and RIGHT side )

Pins number are in format = NUMBER of the PIN on THIS Bight-RIM / NUMBER
of the BIGHT-RIM
Bight rim are numbered on both rim from the outside and going  toward the middle of the knot as explained here and there several times on this site !


Added 2012 March 28th

photo in the slideshow for close-up details)  for his lanyards

Picasa slideshow


Added 2012 March 23rd

John RICHINGS  's PERSIAN CARPET coming from HAWG through a
"HARD ONE"  larval stage !

Soeme time ago Stefanos FANIDIS sent me a picture of what was in fact not a cylindrical
knot but of a braid, HAWG
I decrypted the pattern as being looking a bit like that
and made a drawing using  PAINT NET of what it could be as an "adaptation" to
cylindrical knot

Then Johnn Riching made some attempts of his using my drawings.

The end result of this series of event  is this one

As I think that this contains some useful 'tips' for some readers and makes the story more lively here is the exchange
between John and me.

On 07/03/2012
[open quote]
Charles, Well here it is !
 It doesn't look in grid form as artistic as your picture but I've tried to limit the number of passes. For example, form top rim bight 5 down to rim bight 28 one could , in one stretch
go "over" 14 parts.
Of course the proof is in the tieing but that's for another eyes , at the moment are like organ stops.John
 [end quote]

This was John's firts attempt. that he named
"the hard one".

On 18/03/2012
[open quote]
Charles, I tried to make your original design but some of the 'top rim bights' were
disappearing beneath the knot and it all ended up a 'orrible mess.
I've now re-designed the knot so that the 'rim bights' are "locked" i.e. an OU knot edging and I've also made the knot symmetrical............the next thing is to make it. john
 [end quote]

[open quote]
the 'dissappearing act' was deliberate .
But 'locked' bight are perfectly all right but make a quite different type of knot
Huge work you did. Bravo you are now quite agile with Ariane
Have you coloured the over crossing according to the HP that made them to get
the actual pattern when using several colours ?  Charles
[end quote]

[open quote]
Charles, Well here it is !
It doesn't look in grid form as artistic as your picture but I've tried to limit the number of passes.
For example, form top rim bight 5 down to rim bight 28 one could , in one stretch go "over" 14 parts.
Of course the proof is in the tieing but that's for another eyes , at the moment are like organ stops. John
[end quote]

 I then sent John a drawing made using PAINT.NET on his .ARI

On 22/03/2012
[open quote]
Bonjour John
Though, as I feared, it has a tendency to "yawn" due to the long continuous sequences of
crossings of same type it is a quite elegant pattern.
Problem is thatyou may not attempt to tighten it as it will then havea tendency to "bunch" on
the borders
Good "proving in the knot" of this pattern.
I don't know how long it took you but here is mine made in 2 seconds flat
with the latest experimental version of Ariane.  Charles
[end quote]

This is what ARIANE V3 ( not  publicly released ) made of the ARI

On 23/03/2012
[open quote]
Still, it was an interesting exercise Charles. The complications of the design and the concentration necessary in making the knot, obviously aren't compensated by the "poorness" of the result but the therapy of these bigger projects, proves, to me at least that satisfaction is all about achievement and maybe keeps Altzheimers at bay.
Enjoy your weekend........................John
[end quote]

[open quote]
Here I beg to differ : the result is not "poor" at all, given the structural constraints it is very well made
as you succeed in "making do" with the in-built particularity. The yawning is "keep in check" and
is well spread all over, one can see that it is not a lack of knotting mastery but an inherent trait
of the design and in round cordage it would have been less satisfying..  Charles
[end quote]


Added 2012 March 20th

DON' s DONation ! Don WRIGHT really worked like a slave for the group of charitable
person raising funds in favour of a person with cancer.

A table load of work


Added 2012 March 19th

with an outstanding software : ARIANE
by Claude HOCHET

Stefanos gave his specifications and I made the grids with ARIANE.
Here are the two bracelets Stefanos made with his newly found material :
kangaroo leather lace.

first bracelet                                 second bracelet

You can join Stefanos (administrator)  on the Facebook group MATELOTEURS to ask
him the .ARI files to be used with your ARIANE licernced copy.


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