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You MAY use an invented grid/diagram freely for a PRIVATE, PERSONAL AND NON-PUBLIC IN ANY WAY usage, you MAY post where you like the knotting you made from it but not its diagram.

To post an invented grid/diagram you will need to politely ask for a written permission to do so also give clear attribution of the sources


Added 2013 Sept 29th


ABoK #3049   22-STRAND

ABoK #3051   28-STRAND

ABoK #3052   22-STRAND

ABoK #3056   26-STRAND

ABoK #3074  26-STRAND  

ABoK #3075   20-STRAND

ABoK #3076 20-STRAND  

ABoK #3080   16-STRAND

Plus a 26-STRAND rainbow coulours that is John's own

Photo 1                                                Photo 2


Added  2013 August 11th


ABoK #3049   22-STRAND
ABoK #3051   28-STRAND
ABoK #3056   26-STRAND
ABoK #3074   26-STRAND
in this slideshow


Added  2013 August 3rd


Picture of  "proof in the cordage" will follow in time.

ABoK #3046  

ABoK #3049
ABoK #3050
ABoK #3051
ABoK #3052
ABoK #3053

ABoK #3055
ABoK #3056

ABoK #3073

ABoK #3078


Added 2013 August 1rst

ABoK #3082 61-STRAND  pentacle



Added 2013 July 25th

REVISED TUTORIAL ( see entry juste under :
2013 July 18th )

[open quote] Charles, attached is a revised set of tutorials, plus a couple of new ones.
The modifications now show, where multiple colours can be used, the ‘spaces’ where different colours would be located. I’ve also repaired a couple of errors I made........................
I hope this doesn’t cause you too much hassle ! For your convenience I’ve attached both versions of Word
John        [end quote]










Added 2013 July 18th


In several entries of frinds-page you have seen the mastery John have attained, now he is offering tutorials to help those interested

[open quote]

Charles, a 45 strand ABOK 3063 (in 4 colours 1.3mm cord), a 10 strand ABOK 3045 in 2 colours 2mm cord, a 17strand ABOK 3054 (in 2 colours 1.3mm cord).
This is a new kop of cord that won’t dye so well as earlier cord. It is, I think, put through a coating process during manufacture. The earlier Jacquard Acid simply washes out and the new Jacquard dye doesn’t yield such intense colours.
[end quote]

Images of ABoK #3045 ; ABoK #3054 4-strand ; ABoK #3063 4-strand
Picasa slideshow

SEVEN pdf of tutorials by a master
ABoK #3045 
ABoK #3047
ABoK #3048
ABoK #3054    
ABoK #3077 
ABoK #3079 
ABoK Solid Sennit 


Added 2012 Jan 1st

A HEART COVER 240 facets

[open quote]Charles, I found a heart shaped polystyrene item in a hobbies shop. Used an assymetric grid. The black cord is 1.3mm dia, the heart shape is 50mm x 50mm and 20mm thick. Bit fiddley !
[end quote]

picture 1                        picture 2                                      tutorial pdf


Added 2011 Dec 18th


[open quote]
Charles, Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. The cone is 544facet, not perfect......note the gap at the cone apex. But the base is covered as well (the dark patch is too much glue on the cut ends............27metres of cord).
[end quote]

The slideshow
Instructional PDF


Added 2011 Oct 22nd


I got a mail from John a few minutes ago:

[open quote]
Just completed the 2080 facet SCK. It's made on a 120mm diameter ball using 1.3mm cord.
Cord usage is 24metres of each colour. I'm quite chuffed with it !
[end quote]

The covering
The tutorial


Added 2011 Oct 9th

Two mats from John

EGGCENTRIC ( John's tittle)
A warning given by John about OVOID cover and code O1-U1  /  O2-U2  -  O3-U3

[open quote]
Good evening Charles, I thought I'd make a series of eggs : 1o 1u, 2o 2u and 3o 3u.
The last two mentioned have, and are proving a real bind :
On say a 3o 3u egg at the transition from odd to even half period. If 2 of the 'overs' occur on the odd HP then the 3rd over will occur on the even HP. This looks OK on the grid but trying to tie a smooth knot is impossible. If it's 'unders'  then the cord is likely to be buried because before and after the pin the last "action" is 'under'.
Definitely not a criticism, but an observation that others may want to note.
This particular knot is 630 facet, 3 bights in nests of 10; but I'm sure this snag would feature in any multi O/U knot.
The blue knot is a 2o 2u knot but again 630 facet on a 6cm egg.
           Stay busy................................cheers................
[end quote]

[open quote]
Charles, well I did finish the job. All knots on 6cm eggs, all 630 facets
1. Yellow egg is 1o 1u
2. Blue egg is 2o 2u
3. Red egg is 3o 3u
You can see from the photo the comment I made about the 3o 3u anyone fancy an omelette ?
[end quote]


Added 2011 Sept 23rd

ANOTHER FABERG… egg - luxuous this one !

Another tutorial by exemple given !  



Added 2011 Sept 9th



Tutorial by exemple given !

some parts               the egg itself

Here are some tips from John :
[open quote]
Charles, a Fabergesque confection ?
           Made on a 62mm x 41mm egg
Covering in pink ; 456 facets
Banded by Pineapple knot : Type 1, 3Pass 17P 54B (made from a 7L 18B THK)
Topped by a 108 facet knot made on a 10mmbead in 0.8mm nylon cord
The base is a simple 5 lobe knot stiffenened and shaped to cradle the egg.
Enjoy, but don't eat all at once.................
[end quote]


Added 2011 June 25th

144 FACEs  on a 15mm core
John just sen this one with those words :

[open quote]144 facet using 1.4mm cord single ply, on a 15mm diameter bead............very fiddley !
Have a nice weekend........................
[end quote]

Here is the tutorial John made with ARIANE.


Added 2011 June 21st

1008 FACEs 
John made a derivation of his 1000 FACEs but this one as polar apertures that are 4-SIDEs instead of 5-SIDEs as in the original 1000 FACEs.
Tutorial and exploration was made with ARIANE, the " quite brilliant" accoreding to John software by Claude HOCHET. ARIANE is for Nested-Bight Cylindrical Knots  (Pineapples of all ilk are
Nested-Bight Cylindrical Knots )


Added 2011 June 13rd


John made those using Claude HOCHET's ARIANE program.
1000 FACE
1976 FACE


Added 2011 May 20th (see also the two entries immediately below)


John made ALL of his grids and tables of coding without any help from any program, using " brain, hands, paper and pencil" so there is no 100% guarantee that no typo mistake could have happened despite careful proofing, hence his intellectually honest decision to take off the hand made 1000F tables and just keep the 1000 FACEs grids on line.

I am putting here the tables of coding generated by the  ARIANE  program so if a mistake is made it is not John's.
Anyway John proofed "in the cordage" his invented 1000 Faces.

older grid with NO crossing figured on the grid

older grid with WITH crossings figured on the grid

newer grid with NO crossing figured on the grid

newer grid with WITH crossings figured on the grid


Added 2011 May 19th

See the 2011 Feb 26th entry and the 2011 Jan 4th one about the grid.

JP Honeywell observed a couple of typos in the 1,000 facet recipe. This observation led Claude to notice a difference in the grids as between January and February John redrew in a neater way his grid but the offset was changed and as the table of coding was not altered......

The first grid by John has OFFSET= 9 and the second OFFSET=1

Look at this large illustration to see the influence of the OFFSET.

As my late Mother use to say with one of her Burgundy proverbs : "there is no bad that good cannot come of it" : here the 'bad' was the discrepancy and the 'good' is the 'live lesson' on OFFSET importance.

If you want the tables of codes made with ARIANE just send a mail.


Added 2011 Feb 26th ( slightly modified 2011 MAY 19th : suppression of the table of codes and a remark about the grids )

JOHN  is giving the code of each HP for his 1000 FACEs spherical covering
announced  in the entry made2011 January 4th

The grid by JOHN
(********this grid does not have the same OFFSET between UPPER KNOT EDGE BIGHT-NEST and LOWER KNOT EDGE BIGHT-NEST. This DOES NOT  change the END-RESULT  but CHANGE THE CODING OF HP.

for the fun of showing what Claude HOCHET's new program can do here is the grid that was obtained with in in less that 15 seconds!


Added  2011 Feb 23th

JOHN made a grid for the making of a 108 FACEs in the shape of a rugby ball to celebrate 6 Nations Rugby

[open quote]
The attached is the closest I could get to a rugby ball.
It's only 108 facets and is 3,4,7,1 i.e 3bights, nests of 4, equatorial parts 7 and offset 1.
Made on a 80mm  x 60mm ellipsoid ? using some horrible stiff shiny 2mm nylon that I bought some time ago.
[end quote]

The covering

The grid
The coding

caveat :
John made ALL of his grids and tables of coding without any help from any program, using " brain, hands, paper and pencil" so there is no 100% guarantee that no typo mistake could have happened despite careful proofing.


Added  2011 January 14th

JOHN , again, is sharing.
this time a record breaking spherical covering : 1976 FACEs made on a grid of his own invention with paper and pencil, inspired by Nono's creations.
The grid
Table of half-periods code
Laid on a cylinder
Off the cylinder
On the ball

caveat : John made ALL of his grids and tables of coding without any help from any program, using " brain, hands, paper and pencil" so there is no 100% guarantee that no typo mistake could have happened despite careful proofing.

2011 May 20th : Tables of coding generated with ARIANE
- 1976F-No crossing figured
- 1976F- WITH crossings figured


Added  2011 January 4th


Here is the 600F that is in fact a 480F             count      grid

Here is the 800F that is in fact a 1000F          count      grid
see code and new grid addition made on
2011 Feb 26th

caveat : John made ALL of his grids and tables of coding without any help from any program, using " brain, hands, paper and pencil" so there is no 100% guarantee that no typo mistake could have happened despite careful proofing.


Added  2011 January 2nd

John, 73 is the second first world wide recognized maker of a 800  1000 FACEs.

John did not get this grid invented by NONO but he drew it from his analysis of Don WRIGHT's photos.

John is offering his "cheat sheet" with the Half-Periods codes. cheat sheet suppressed on May 19th . Read  Feb 26th and May 19th entries to understand

Cylinder ready
Knot made


Added 2010 Dec 18th (received 17th):
John RICHINGS is offering us two of his tutorials

The first one is for a RAINBOW COLOURED Pineapple Knot

The second is quite inventive and is about ABoK#1385

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