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Added 2013 March 9th

                                        4 BENDS :
                        A COMPARATIVE STUDY.

A bunch of ignorant plagiary are clamouring about "topological similarity" or "similarity" for some of them about those four bends, I have the ambition of showing, even proving that this is untenable !

Thank you Constant XARAX for insisting that I delete a whole collection of redundant plagiary quotes (each as stupid as the previous or the following), that I made do comments not laid back enough which were just venting my rather deep irritation, and for having made me recall bits of my 'in another life time' training as a  member of  a scientific reading committee prior to publication.
At the same time Constant XARAX was really pushing me to publish that two years old article that was still "sleeping" with several others on my computer hard disks.
It is 59 pages, 28 of which  are text, the remaining 31 being diagrams, drawings, photography, tables  - DOWNLOAD.

 (it is a .pdf file but I have had a number of those stolen in the past  -by robots?-  and put on some other sites - sometime without attribution and not once after having asked for my permission -specialising in pdf so I now rename them to .fdp : after downloading the file rename it to .pdf or directly ask your .pdf reader to open it using "open with" in the contextual menu)

PDF  is a bit over 3 Mo == over 25 Mbits 
download time with a 0.512 MB connexion 6 mm 49 sec

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