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Added  2011 June 21st
A new contribution from JAN : spherical cover grid and tutorial made using his copy of ARIANE, Claude HOCHET's software for nested-bight cylindrical knots.
Jan tried first a O3-U3 pattern but was not satisfied.
The final product is this bicolour cover.


Added  2011 January 3rd
A tutorial in images for the PYRAMIDES  8B and 14B


Added  2011 January 6th
 for those not wanting to downlaod the huge .PDF ( less than  1mn with a 10Mbps and
less than 8mn with a slow 1.024Mbps) here are the documents in it piece by


Added 2010 Nov 5th
Jan VOS 's tutorial for PYRAMIDAL COVER knot(s)

What is is ?  Photo 1          Photo  2

The whole tutotial in pdf : for 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B Pyramid Cover

Now the grids given by Jan:



2011 Feb 3rd   Jan VOS just (Feb 3rd) told me that the drawings he used in this
tutorial above are Don BURRHUS's


Added  2010 Oct 23rd
Here is the original of the Excel worksheet I got.

As I found it rather forbidding I did some formatting to make easier the visual acquisition of the different items.

CW == clockwise
ACW==anticlockwise ( UK)  equivalent to the US counterclockwise
The text in the XL worksheet has been translated thanks to Google and adapted by Nautile.

For those who want all the iconography in one  9 Mo helping here is a pdf file.


Added  2010 Dec 17th
To his Season's Greeting Jan added some documents  page
The grid
Table of crossings
original document

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