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Added 2012 Feb 27th

This pdf shows how Stefanos putto use on a mandrel of his invention/fabrication the
grids made using ARIANE

About the mandrel making just look at the topic immediately under


Added 2011 September 26th

A contribution  showing how to make "special" mandrel for jobs such as some of Nono's bracelet.

A PICASA slideshow

For more details contactStefanos FANIDIS on the Facebook group MATELOTEURS.

Here is verbatim what he told me in his mail :
[open quote]
After a hard week for me today was a day off and i had the time to try something that I had in my mind all these days.
First I took  a toilet paper and i fill it with polyurethane foam.
I was wondering how much will be its dilation and if the cardboard of the t.p will keep its shape.
After 10 hours that it dried nothing bad happens to the shape of the cylinder.It has kept its shape!
I cut everything that overflowing and i tried to put some pins on it.
It holds tight the pins right in their place and if you pull out a pin and try to push it back you will feel like its the first time you trying to puncture it.
Trying to clear the parts of the polyurethane foam spray found that with solvent fluid
 everything cleans so well and you can use it again
Then i made a big mandrel 130 cm perimeter with the extended version of ABOK1389
(Nono's pattern)
Filled also  with polyurethane and now i am waiting for it to dry till tomorrow.
This all cost me 4 euros and the construction is very stable and light weight.
I will sent you photo with the finished one.
[end quote]


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