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Added 2013 July 5th    TOP LINE TOOLS TO BE HAD

MARLING SPIKE (  original spelling ) soon mispronounced and misspelled to MARLINE SPIKE / MARLINESPIKE
and even worse MARLINSPIKE

As lack of education always win now the proper MARLING SPIKE is all but forgotten .

verb : to marl  ( merliner en français )
marling spike : iron 'fid' ; un épissoir en français
marline or mar-line( du merlin en français et aussi luzin ou luzin) == yarn

Two days ago, a topic was entered in Friend-page-17 about Stefanos FANIDIS new

As a friendly gesture to the world of knot-tying Stefanos was persuaded to accept "orders".

Materials  used: [open quote] a high quality stainless steel and an industry composite material  called ertalon.  [end quote]

Stefanos does not want to take advantage of any knot-tyer while at the same time not losing money from the cost of high end material and use of a computer numerical controlled milling machine or metal lathe so his intent is to make the pricing of his spikes more affordable to everyone than what is usualy seen on the Net.

Expect a pricing at 40 euros (plus shipping charges at cost)  but you will have to contact him directly, I am just advertising and am no part of the ordering/selling process)

Stefanos will communicate his PAYPAL account himself.

Stefanos seller's identity on EBAY is FANIDIS : exemple

added July 11th : Stefanos created a FACEBOOK group

as of  July 20th the name of the group is Stefanos Marlin Spikes

You can make contact with Stefanos FANIDIS using his account that goes by the identity marlinespikesgr ( all in lowercase ). 

The address is expressed like that to cheat robots.
If I say " contact so and so on his EXAMPLE.COM account that goes by the identity USER then it immediate that the address you have to use is USER@EXAMPLE.COM

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